Elmer’s Flighting Supply Inc. is committed to providing superior products in all of the following types.

  • Helicoid flight
  • Sectional flight
  • Cupped flight
  • Wrap bar flight
  • Poly flight
  • Quality 304 Stainless Steel Flight.


Elmer’s Flighting Supply Inc. is committed to providing quality workmanship and superior products for all new and replacement augers, in the Agricultural and Commercial Industries; these include Combine Augers, Grain Buggy Augers, Fertilizer Tender Augers, Seed and Fertilizer Augers, Transport Augers, Dryer Augers, Air Cart Augers, and some Mixer Augers.

Commercial and Industrial Screw Conveyors

Elmer’s Flighting Supply Inc. carries all the U-trough components needed to make screw conveyors of any size. With stock items in house we are ready to meet the challenges in the Screw Conveyor Industry.


Elmer’s Flighting Supply Inc. carries a wide variety of tube and down spouting in both Galvanized and Black steel.

Welcome To Elmer's Flighting Supply Inc.

Join our many satisfied customers! Make Elmer's Flighting Supply your number one source for all of your auger & flighting requirements. Such as: U-Trough Systems, Cement powder systems, Combine Augers & Unloading Tubes, Corn Head Augers, Custom Hoppers, Pavement Grinder Augers, Seed & Fertilizer Transport Augers, Short Pitch Flighting, Wrap Bar Flighting, custom built augers for industrial, commercial and agricultural use. Auger straightening, hard surfacing and balancing.