Transport Augers

Elmer’s Flighting is well known for the quality, strength and durability of our Transport Augers.  These Augers may not be the cheapest on the market but they will stand the test of time and stay in use for years to come. With our focus on the quality of each build your auger is sure to stay smooth running, and easy trailing making it a must have for any commercial farmer.

Standard features on the 6” models include: galvanized tube, full tilt cupped flighting, hydraulic motor, 3 stage telescopic downspout, intake guard with bearing, safety brake winch, removable tow hitch, and 15” high-speed wheels on the heavy-duty undercarriage.

Standard sizes  are 6”dia. X 21’, 26’, 31’.     8”dia X 21’, 26’ and 31’ 10”dia X 31’

Stainless Augers available upon request.